Monday, November 7, 2011

Nathan Lewis on "Stuff that Works," and New Narrow Streets Advocates

Nathan's latest, Let's Take a Traditional City Break 5: Stuff that Works, is now available on his site; In it he features a new development in Burlington, Ontario, mentioned here by commenter Nicolas, which has adopted a genuinely traditionalist design format. Nathan also mentions a promising new site,, which as far as I know is the only narrow streets advocacy organization out there. Is the movement gaining steam? Nathan's writings are cited as an inspiration for its creators, but they've very kindly linked to this blog as well. Check them out – there's a lot of great material on there so far, and I'm sure more will continue to be added.

Umbrian street at right.


  1. Funny, I took a picture of that very same Beacon Hill street with the same idea in mind. There was even an newly-wed couple having photographs taken there at the time. Nice street.

  2. Matthew: I took my family to the same North End street whose photo is on the Small Streets gallery just last month to show them what good urban development looks like.

    I have a small photoset of good stuff I'm always adding to; maybe we should have a small streets Flickr channel or something.

  3. Brian, there's a great small streets group here: