Friday, April 29, 2011


A timely topic: Witold Rybczynski on density.     

At Citytank, Josh Mahar has authored an excellent post that explores the potential of street narrowing, a favorite subject of this blog.

Streetsblog explains how parking minimums make housing more difficult and expensive to build, but according to developers, they also provide a strong incentive to subdivide large lots into smaller parcels for which parking requirements are waived -- a design outcome which can be beneficial for the urban environment, where it is allowed.

Stephen Smith at Market Urbanism is rightfully skeptical of some of the claims made for green roofs.  I'd lean more toward Quinlan Terry's (and Léon Krier's) take on roofs (the "pitched slate and tile roof ... the architectural expression of every civilized age").   

Winner of the Driehaus Prize for classical architecture?  Who else but Robert A.M. Stern.  The somewhat lesser known Reed Prize is awarded to a person "who has supported the cultivation of the traditional city."


  1. Saw the New Urbanism narrow streets post and wanted to tweet it, but then it disappeared. :-( Hopefully you'll bring it back!

  2. I decided to hold it until this AM. It will be back shortly!